Transfer to your hotel from the airport.
Check in to your hotel and freshen up!
Free time
Enjoy the rest of the day at leisure and do a little bit of exploring on your own.

Day 2 - Riyadh Pulse tour
9:30 AM - Hotel pick-up
You will be picked up from your hotel for an exciting tour of Riyadh's most iconic sites.
10:00 AM - Pass by Al Murabba Historical Palace
Witness the grandeur of this historical palace and capture some beautiful shots.
10:30 AM - National Museum
Take a deep dive into Saudi Arabia's history at one of the most popular museums located at the King
Abdulaziz Historical Centre, the National Museum.
12:00 PM - A trip to Al Masmak Fortress
Visit Al Masmak Fortress, which is a significant site and a reflection of Saudi heritage.
1:30 PM - Lunch
Treat your tastebuds to some amazing fusion delicacies at Takya before continuing the tour.
3:00 PM - Al Bujairi Heritage Park & Ad Diriyah trip
Take a tour of Al Bujairi Heritage Park and Al Turaif in Ad Diriyah, the original home of the Saudi royal
5:30 PM - Hotel drop-off
You will be dropped off at your hotel. Enjoy the rest of your evening

Day 3 - Edge of the World trip
8:00 AM - Hotel pick-up
Set out from your hotel for an adventure of a lifetime.
9:00 AM - Off-roading experience
Enjoy an off-roading experience like no other as you make your way to one of Saudi Arabia's most
popular tourist destination.
10:00 AM - Arrive at Edge of the World
Feast your eyes on the never-ending horizon and bask in the natural beauty of the Edge of the World.
12:00 PM - Lunch
Relax in a traditional Arabian seating area, as you enjoy a pre-packed meal while enjoying the
breathtaking views.
4:30 PM - Airport transfer
Head to the airport for your flight to AlUla.
8:45 PM - Hotel transfer
Transfer to your hotel in AlUla and get some much-needed rest.

Day 4 – Hegra Tour
9:00 AM - Hotel pick-up
You will be taken from your hotel for an exciting excursion around AlUla.
9:30 AM - Madain Saleh and Hejaz railway station trip
Marvel at Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Madain Saleh, also known as Hegra, and visit
the historic Hejaz railway station.
12:00 PM - Trip to Ashar Valley
Visit the picturesque Ashar Valley and immerse yourself in the stunning nature.
2:00 PM - Lunch
Relish an amazing traditional lunch at Heritage Garden Restaurant before heading to AlUla Old Town.
3:30 PM - AlUla Old Town tour
Explore AlUla Old Town, an ancient city made up of nearly 900 houses, 400 shops and five town
4:30 PM - Elephant Rock visit
Feast your eyes upon the Elephant Rock, a sandstone monolith that resembles an elephant with its trunk
touching the ground.
5:00 PM - Hotel drop-off
You will be dropped off at your hotel, so enjoy a relaxing evening.

Day 5 – Open Air Museum
9:00 AM - Hotel pick-up
Set out from your hotel to get some insight into AlUla's history.
9:30 AM - Jabal Ikmah tour
Explore the red-tinted steep mountain, where visitors can admire ancient writings and inscriptions that
date back to the Lihyanite civilisation.
10:30 AM - Dadan and 'Lion Tombs' visit
Discover the magnificent history of Dadan and visit the ‘Lion Tombs’, the burial site of the elite marked by
seated lion sculptures.
12:30 PM - Farm visit and lunch
Visit a farm in AlUla and enjoy a delicious lunch while you're there.
4:30 PM - Airport transfer
Make your way to the airport to catch a flight to Jeddah.
8:30 PM - Hotel transfer
Get transferred to your hotel in Jeddah and unwind.

Day 6 – Red Sea Tour
11:00 AM - Hotel pick-up
Gear up for an exciting day filled with watersports and loads of other fun activities.
11:30 AM - Boat ride and watersports
Take a boat ride and enjoy snorkelling and diving in the Red Sea.
1:00 PM - Lunch
Have a delicious lunch on the boat while enjoying terrific views of the sea.
2:30 PM - Cruising
Cruise around the sea and bask in the stunning nature before heading back.
6:00 PM - Hotel drop-off
You will be dropped off at your hotel, so relax and get some much-needed rest

Day 7 – Al Balad
8:00 AM - Hotel pick-up
Get picked up from your hotel for an exciting tour of Jeddah's historical downtown, Al Balad.
8:30 AM - Nasseef House and Baghdadi House visit
Get a chance to immerse yourself and appreciate the architecture of old houses such as Nasseef House
and Baghdadi House.
10:00 AM - A trip to old houses & Al Ma'amar Mosque
Visit Jamjoom House, Noor Wali House and Matbouli House, along with one of the oldest mosques in
Jeddah, Al Ma'amar Mosque.
11:30 AM - Gold market and mosque tour
Take a trip around the gold market in Gabel Street and then visit the Aeen Faraj Yuser, Shafei and Ukash
12:30 PM - Lunch
Have a traditional lunch at Naranj before making your way to the next attraction.
2:00 PM - Jeddah Fountain
Take lots of photos of the iconic Jeddah Fountain, the highest in the world.
4:00 PM - Airport transfer
Make your way to the airport to catch a flight back to Riyadh.
8:00 PM - Hotel transfer
Get transferred to your hotel in Riyadh and get some rest before your journey back home.

Day 8 – Departure
Get your packing sorted and check out from the hotel.
It's time to say goodbye and have a safe flight home (if applicable).


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